Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stop Mother

Being a step Mom
Sometimes its nice to be a mom in the house or shall we say its nice to try to be a mom even the kid is not yours. But sometimes those kids, who you tried to love to, are not worthy of your efforts.
I like my stepson he is a smart and good kid, but sometimes he irritated me the way he deal with his behavior. Sometimes he so demanding and it makes me mad, and sometimes he so nice and its makes me happy too.
Maybe the problem is in me, I need more time to be patient and understand with him.Maybe I can understand what really kids are when I have my own kid, on how to be a considerate mom. Because seems I am not considerate with him, every time he make negative thing it makes me mad.


Mitch said...

Ing ana jud na just think nalang nga his your own kid so u have enough patient to him or else you will be the next patient kay high blood ron man kadugayan.

genny said...

hahha pagmama gyd...

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