Sunday, December 7, 2008

Police Gears

I always love military gears products, my family and I loves to visit and buy those products because its quality with a very low price. Last week my husband bought one of their products and yesterday we bought two things from them for our Christmas present to Dawson our son. And now they have Blackhawk CQC Holsters which is very nice and quality too and try to check it out. Christmas holiday is coming. My husband and I are already started to buy some things for Christmas present. I love it. Just click the link above for more information.
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I asked to my husband if I could drive his truck going to the city to buy our groceries. The city from here is 45 minutes drive, and my husband was not really comfortable to let me drive his big car so what he did was he always assist me while driving. Anyway that was my first time to drive on the interstate, I am not really good yet, so he always direct what to do me and we always qua-riling while I am driving because he is using terms sometimes that I don't understand especially when gets panic. When we get off from the interstate and ready to ran to another way going to SAM'S, my command again to stop and see the traffic to get on the road and I immediately step on the break so it makes a little bump and car at our back she did not watch our car and was too close to us, she though we will go directly since the traffic is a little bit smooth. Her car was wreck to our car, my heart really sank I felt so sorry to her. Her car was really bad she cannot even go out because the two front door cannot open anymore, and car flued was spread on the road. Her really looks bad the front was really destroyed. People are asking if we are Ok, all curious eyes are looking at us, there are several Police men came in to investigate what happen, Fire truck came too. I am really scared and my husband said be ready for the questions. I asked to my husband who's fault is this and he said seems it's my fault but the car who hit us will be consider as the wrong one, because she did not watch to the car in front of her. The is girl very nice to me I was guilty she was the one who says sorry to me for several time even her car got the big damage on it.
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