Monday, June 30, 2008

Healthy Foods

Do you like to eat healthy foods? These are some of my favorite foods that I love to eat and I love to drink. I love to put healthy foods in my body. How about you?
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Sunday, June 29, 2008


What is your Favorite Color? During my bridal shower they prepared cake with blue color around it for me, because they think that blue color is my major favorite color. Well in reality I have many favorite color but in different occasions and in the different weather too.
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Friday, June 27, 2008


Have you tried to go tubing? It's really fun especially during summer season. I love it so much. Sometimes during weekend we will go to creek and rent tube to go down the creek. It's so nice and cool.
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Happy weekend

Happy Sabbath to all and have a happy weekend to all friends from inside and outside of the country.
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graduation day

I miss my days with friends again when I saw these pictures. You cannot explain your feelings when the day of your success comes. But after graduation… You have to think where to apply for work or to continue study, and that’s the problem if you don’t have enough money. What is the next of this success you've got?

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Thursday, June 26, 2008


These are my pictures during my college days. I missed my single life sometimes too. Your free anything you want and anywhere you want to go.

This is my picture during our dormitory program I was in the center.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We used the big tent if we go to a regular camping place with all our camping things.

But we prefer to use the green tent if we go hiking distance, and we will use the regular tent for other regular camping.

We usually used the four wheelers to climb somewhere in the forest. I love to drive it.
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Breast cancer for the ladies is very common in our world today its because of the food we ate, the Air pollution we have now, and the increasing technology. My mother in law died because of the breast cancer last September 2007 and her sister died a year before her too, her mother died of breast cancer also and now her cousin is suffering from breast cancer too. my husband is scared he don’t want me to have that kind of scary thing. Every time I have my monthly period my breast will get hurts. I heard some one said that is normal so until now I did not go to the doctor yet for check up.
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Goats Climbed.

Yesterday when I woke up early I saw two goats climbing up the tree, I was so amaze so what I did is, I run and took the camera planning to take some pictures of them. I want to go nearer to the tree so that I have a good picture, but when they heard the fence is opening all of them jump down thinking that I am bringing foods for them. Crazy goats.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

First Fishing

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Just saying good night

Just want to say good night to all who is always visiting in my site. Thanks for my friends who are always there, Ate Gen, Jessel, Vergie and Michel.
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Our Latest Filipina Party

The first picture is a Filipina party at Joy green's house, we've met new friend there her name is Esbert.
The next 4 pictures are the Filipina party at speedwell. I love all the foods that they prepared for the party.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fil Party

The two first pictures are during Filipina party at Joy Adam's house last May 6, 2008. The next two pictures was a Filipina party at Bella's house last May 26 2008.
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Supportive People in my life

My husband and some of his Family and friends were amazed how close Filipino are. Most Filipina who stayed in this country don’t know me yet, but they invited my husband to join every Filipina party even I am still in Philippines. These are some of the Filipina during there Filipina party and their husbands playing games. Finally I arrived here. And some of them those who are not busy attend to my bridal shower and to my wedding.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

To day's activity

Thanks to all friends who visited my site always. I will communicate you maybe tonight. I need to help my husband to fix the fence first, and go to Filipina party at Sylva this afternoon. Have a nice day Guys love you all.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

The differences

This is Siesta beach in Florida, I thought before lying under the sun is too hot. I found out there why people loves to stay under the sand, because the air is cool and its nice to feel on your skin even the sun is hot. The sand is very nice too, its crystal and fine as refined white sugar. But even the climate is cool still it will change the color of your skin that is why white people loves to stay there.
My husband loves to stay under the sun too. He wants me to stay with him. But I prefer to stay under the shade to maintain my color complexion.

On the right picture you can see that I slept covered with beach towel because I don’t want to expose my skin under the sun, and I didn’t know that my husband took a picture of me. On the left picture, at last we stayed in one place together but we divided the place for shade and place under the sun. We Filipina are very sensitive with our skin color, we love light skin, and white people loves dark color of their skin. But even though they will stay longer under the sun they will not get too dark as we are. Their color will turn into red or pink unlike us our color will turn into dark brown.
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spend our sabbath afternon

Who can guess what park is this? This park is located in North Carolina, my husband and I visited here for several time every Saturday afternoon. I love this place. This park is near in our place Canton. This is the first falls that we visited. It’s nice and the water looks like crystal and they have that unbelievable large size of rocks. We proceed to visit the other falls, its a little bit long hike. So while walking going to the next falls, we rest for a while and have picture taking. At last we arrived to the next falls, but I was disappointed because the falls is not really attractive. I drink a lot of water on the way to second falls, so what do you think am doing in this picture?
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first

This is the first Guitar that I received from my husband two weeks ago. One day we went to wall mart to buy toys for a birthday party gift, while looking for a good toys, I saw lines of guitar and its just less than a hundred dollar, so I told my husband if we can get one of those guitars. But he said not this time we will buy next week. So after the week my husband brought me somewhere I was surprised because he choose a guitar which is so nice but expensive. My husband wants quality things always because it will stay longer, he said the one that I like before is not quality so he don’t like to buy it. This is the first ride that I like during the birthday party in fun depot, I love it, me and my husband loves to play this hehehe I won once in this game only, he is good than me. This is the first fish I got when we went to Julies house. They laugh at me because I got the smallest one in the pond. Anyway I really love this kind of activity. We enjoyed there together. I want to do it again.This is my first niece in my husband’s side. Her name is kaira I like her so much she is cute and smart girl, she is two years old and have one cute little brother.
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