Friday, June 20, 2008

The differences

This is Siesta beach in Florida, I thought before lying under the sun is too hot. I found out there why people loves to stay under the sand, because the air is cool and its nice to feel on your skin even the sun is hot. The sand is very nice too, its crystal and fine as refined white sugar. But even the climate is cool still it will change the color of your skin that is why white people loves to stay there.
My husband loves to stay under the sun too. He wants me to stay with him. But I prefer to stay under the shade to maintain my color complexion.

On the right picture you can see that I slept covered with beach towel because I don’t want to expose my skin under the sun, and I didn’t know that my husband took a picture of me. On the left picture, at last we stayed in one place together but we divided the place for shade and place under the sun. We Filipina are very sensitive with our skin color, we love light skin, and white people loves dark color of their skin. But even though they will stay longer under the sun they will not get too dark as we are. Their color will turn into red or pink unlike us our color will turn into dark brown.


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