Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first

This is the first Guitar that I received from my husband two weeks ago. One day we went to wall mart to buy toys for a birthday party gift, while looking for a good toys, I saw lines of guitar and its just less than a hundred dollar, so I told my husband if we can get one of those guitars. But he said not this time we will buy next week. So after the week my husband brought me somewhere I was surprised because he choose a guitar which is so nice but expensive. My husband wants quality things always because it will stay longer, he said the one that I like before is not quality so he don’t like to buy it. This is the first ride that I like during the birthday party in fun depot, I love it, me and my husband loves to play this hehehe I won once in this game only, he is good than me. This is the first fish I got when we went to Julies house. They laugh at me because I got the smallest one in the pond. Anyway I really love this kind of activity. We enjoyed there together. I want to do it again.This is my first niece in my husband’s side. Her name is kaira I like her so much she is cute and smart girl, she is two years old and have one cute little brother.


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