Wednesday, July 2, 2008

After Lake Junalaska

After biking at Lake Junalaska and went back home I get started to feel ok. The Family starts their plan to go hiking. They asked me if am ok already so that I can go with them. The whole activity that day was great for me. We spent our time there at the creek and played water. Everybody loves to play water at the creek. My husband showing what he had learned from reading the book its called primitive book. They make fire out of stone but you know what? They got only smell of fire but not really fire. The next picture is the picture of my husband’s brother and his wife.

These are their kids Kaira and Karson.


Anonymous said...

yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

berto xxx

Anonymous said...

are you sure about that?

berto xxx

Mitch said...

haha makalingaw pod ning imong gisulat deri ba..kalooy sa bae kakuyapon man...

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