Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Miss Philippines

I am not in the mood today, everything seems too boring, i tried to stay out side to inhale fresh air and get inside after staying for 5 minutes outside, I feel like I am a prisoner I cannot go places that I wanna go. In Philippines I am a free happy girl surrounded with many friends, I can go where ever I want to go even I don't how to drive. I can eat my favorite food when ever I wanted to eat. But when I arrived here in USA I miss all my favorite food, friends and I stayed inside the house since April. My activities are Sleep during night time and wake up in the morning, stay in front of the computer till evening, I will just stop when I clean for a while cook for food and eat. I feel like I am useless and not free.


TommyClaire said...

HI Mel, I totally understand how that feels. 3 months lang ko diha pero sus murag kug mabuang sa kamingaw. But im sure you will get adjusted in time. Have a great day! :)

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