Tuesday, September 16, 2008

NJ Amusement Park’s Specials

My husband and I planning to have our one week vacation either this month or this October. Now were planning which place were going to go, we wrote several places and one of them is New Jersey, New Jersey is the best place and they have lots of beautiful things to enjoy. They have best hotel there too the wildwood hotels motels enjoy their opportunity the family beach vacation.


JeSseL said...

bestfren, salamat sa tag ha, duha namo ni genny naghatag nako heheheheeh..pasayloa kong tagsa lang ko kabista kay kabalo na biya kay hastang ka busy aning angkan ta!

Patwela said...
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Patwela said...

hi melisa,nice blog hehe, My name is Lowela Mcmillen Taga davao ko bisaya pod hehe hope imo ko add sa imo blog,mao ni akong link http://Newlifeworld.blogspot.com/ salamat daan ha,ako pod taka e add sa akong blog,cge ingats.Godbless! :)

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