Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to School

Labeling things makes you easy to fine, fast and organize. We used to label things inside our house from foods, our kid's things, up to my husband file folders. My husband loves to make can food so we do labeling for that too, things for his son for school, and we have lots of files here in our house that we need to label. Now if we have label maker to help us label our things that is more easier and help your work done easily. Were fortunate enough that we have a Dymo label makers now which we can use it as easy as we can to label our items in our Kitchen, my husbands office and to his kid's things in school for his bags, sports things. This very important specially those kids who's bringing their lunchbox for their lunch. When you send your child off to school with a home-packed lunch, most of the time that lunch box or bag is going to get placed in a locker or cub by for most of the day. Sometimes, however, lunches can get mixed up. In order to avoid a meal mix-up, a good idea is to label your child's lunch box or bag, using your LetraTag Personal Label Maker. Food labeling helps you child to locate and identify his or her lunch, and also clears up any confusion with other similar lunch boxes or brown paper bags. Simply print out their name, and even the date, and place the label on their lunch carrier.


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