Friday, August 22, 2008

10 Reasons I Marry My Hubby

Thank you LOve Is.. for this and i want to share my answers of different questions...

1.) Because they want an easy way out.
They feel hopeless living in the
Philippines that's why they just want
to get the heck outta there.

Ans. I did not marry my hubby so i can live here in US but i marry him because of my love. If you love someone wherever they are you are there also.

2.) Because they are ugly. Filipino
men tend to have higher standards when
it comes to beauty than most American
men. Some Filipinas couldn't get a
filipino guy that's why they end up
marrying Americans.

Ans: If you truly love someone it doesn't matter if a person is ugly outside as long as inside is good. I have lots of BF in the Phils but not one is serious enough to love me.

3.) Because they think when they come
in the US, they will be the center of
attraction. It's so funny when some
filipinas really think of themselves
highly and that in the eyes of
Americans, they are the most beautiful
women in the whole world.

Ans: Honestly all of my bf before they called me "gwapa" means beautiful but love demands and the saying says"beauty is upon the eyes of the beholder is true." Wherever you are if a person loves you it doesn't matter if your ugly or not.

4.) They got pregnant by some filipino
punk and got ditched! Well, Americans
really don't care if the filipina has
a love child. At least that's what some
idiot filipinas think.

Ans: I guess this is a question of a filipina who has kids but hey there is no wrong about it...I am totally pure heheh when i have my hubby.

5.)Because they're not anymore
pure! Again, Americans are very
open minded about things and purity
is not a big issue whereas Filipino
men care about it a lot.

Ans; I am very pure and i preserve it for my hubby...

6.) Because they want to come in the
Land of the free and the home of the
brave.. They look at US as if it's

Ans; Everybody has its own freedom and there is no law against it.

7 .) Because of the green money..
DOLLARS! So, they could work and send
money to their family back in the

Ans; That is an options to every Filipina. If they send or not its their choice.

8.) Because marrying an American makes
them feel important. I hate it when a
filipina who's married to an American
acts like her sh*t doesn't smell as
awful as some filipinas who are
married to filipinos.

Ans; Oh that is not nice its their choice to marry someone whoever they are. Judge not and you shall not be judge.

9.) Because they LOVE the guy.. But, I
really do believe that SOME filipinas
didn't feel that way at first..

Ans; I don't like to marry someone whom i did not love. Love should be given to your hubby.

10.) Because they want to have mestizo
babies that they can show off.. they
think that fil-am kids are superior
than pure bred Filipino kids.. not
true at all..

Ans; It doesn't matter what color is your baby as long as its God's gift we will accept it. Love and love and love them...

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