Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lawn Signs

My husband used to print every document he has, from his business up to personal he really print those papers, and file it in his file cabinet. We love to print pictures too, one day we have a problem about our printer because the printer did not work good and the things that we wanted to print was very important, so we went somewhere to print our important things and you know what? that was very expensive. Now I am glad that the lawn signs can help us we don't have any problem anymore because everything you need is there. You can choose over 300 designs or you can create what design you wanted, their printing is in high quality corrugated plastic and you can receive the finish your product as little as 3 days.
Here's there Coupon description:
Labels50 - 50% Off Address Labels
Free Invite - 10 Free Invites
BizCard08 - 50% Off Business Cards
FreeBrochures08 - 25 Free Brochures
CarDoor25 - 25% off Car Door Magnets
Checks25 - 25% off Checks
PC50 - 50 Free Over sized Postcards
Stamps50 - 50% Off Small Rubber Stamps
TShirts25 - 25% Off T-shirts
YardSigns25 - 25% Off Yard Signs

Promote your business, event or favorite candidate with full-color lawn signs now!!


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