Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I love pictures always

When I was in the Philippines I love taking pictures always. I always love to have picture every event of my life so that when I am already old I can still see and remember my activities during my youth days. One time I a film camera to my roommate and that camera was very special for her. I tried to keep the camera but someday stool it, I was so scared and I shared my problem to my brother about the camera. He gave me money to buy for the camera for her and I will but a camera for me too so that I will not borrow to anybody anymore. The camera that I bought is film camera and after one year I don’t like to use it anymore so I gave it to my mother. And my boyfriend who is my husband now gave me a digital camera I was so happy but during our seniors pictures taking last march 2008 somebody stool it again. I was disappointed because I really need the camera for my graduation day. So what I did I bought my last money for the digital camera again hehehe. When I left in Philippines I leave my camera to my sisters. Now I don’t have camera anymore but am using my husband camera. Hope no one will steal it.


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