Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love camping

I love camping always. We used to assist campers every camping I was a member of a rescue 741 and an invested division director for a master guide club. Every summer we have Northern Mindanao camping always and our group is always invited to come and assist them.
Well I have some Companion who is here in the US already and one of them is Ate gen. I am hoping we can do camping just like we did in Philippines and that’s fun.


anne bianca said...

hello melissa I like camping too.. in face i was doing that when i was in girlscout a million years ago joke.. when I was a kid oi hehehe. by the way naa diay ko award nimo just click this link thank u thank u Award

Allen's Darling said...

Hi There,

Can we be friends please do add my links...


thanks and God bless
Buzz me if you add ok ....see you

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