Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Last Saturday

Last Saturday afternoon my husband and I joined biking program after church service. My husband's brother and his wife with kids were there too. Our church friends are they’re joining for afternoon biking around Lake Junalaska too. There are more than 10 people riding their bikes with us. So when we started riding our bike I am glad that I have the privilege to round around the Lake Junalaska. When we started to climb I am just fine until second climb. But my brother in-law stop because something happen with his bike, everybody stop too to wait for him. So since my husband and I were in the last line we need to stop too. When I stop I felt something different on my body, I felt cold on my skin and I felt weak in my bones and my vision starts to get dark and that’s the time everybody is ready to continue for biking. Am just pretending to fix my bike so that they will not see something happen to me even I have a hard to time to see things around me and its too hard to breath too. My husband came back and asked what happen to me. I said I need water and I need rest. He was shocked because we are not halfway yet, I know but my feeling is bad already. Then he gave me time to rest for 20 minutes. After that he encourage me to walk to the hilly road and that is 5 minutes walk. On the top I rested for another 20 minutes again. I noticed that my husband started to get board because our friends are very far already, we cannot even see them. So I started to continue ride my bike since the road is going down. After 1/2 mile of biking he told me that there’s a water fountain down there, so we went down to drink water with our bike. But when I started to drink I started to get very weak and everything turn into black I cannot see anything I just can feel that somebody is walking around so I just open my eyes so that people will not say I get sick because of biking. After 3 minutes black and struggled to breath I started to vomit, I was glad because after I vomited I started to see light. So my husband let me set on the ground and get our car where our friends waiting and wondered what happen to us. My husband explained to them about me, and after that we went home.


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