Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it a bad day? or a good day?

Today is Friday July 25, 2008 right? And I am not feeling good I felt tired, my husband woke me up too early and he remind me that our neighbor his friend as well as his co-worker will bring their kids early this morning. I did not get up even the kids are there already inside the house, after 7:30 in the morning I get up because I heard that the girl complaining that she is hungry and I cooked them eggs as what they said, but until now they did not eat the eggs yet, I have three kids this morning and after two hours there are two kids will come here, the kids of my husbands brother. Well at this moment I started to get tired with the kids. They left kids here because they’re thinking that I love kids and they can work straight without their kids and most of them went to their work offices.
Now I felt tired, seems it’s a big obligation for me it disturb my blogging activity, asking foods and I don’t know what they want, change their diaper specially those two kids, crying there crying here, toys here toys there, mess every where. Now look at our house!! Next of this is my cleaning and arranging activity. Have a nice day for me.


Mitch said...

hahaa maayo kay yaya naka karon...Ako pahulay kos blogging kay sige sakit akong mata nag mower nalang kos among lawn kay taas nasad sagbot. Open ko karon while rest kadali.

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