Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Goat meat is a favorate meat of all Filipino?

I have something to ask to all Filipino since am not really sure if this is true or not. I was surprised when I arrived here, people usually asked about what country am I belong, every time I answered their question they will usually give a joke “ hide your goats there’s a filipina here”

They even killed one goat for me, thinking that the goat meat is my favorite meat, and the problem is they let me cooked some part of the meat and I dont know how to cook. The other part of the meat we gave it to the other Filipina for the Filipina party.
Here’s the question is the goat meat is the number one favorite meat of the most Filipino people?

For me goat meat is not my favorite meat, I just like to eat sometimes this kind of meat but not all the time.

How about you is goat meat is your favorite too?


Mitch said...

uy sa sunod gani ayaw e enter nang blog nga dili ma open dili man makita unsa gyud diay ang tinood nga site ana? Laag unya sa akong para mabasa nimo asa ko uban nga site nia apil para makasapi.sige

Miss Elle said...

hi sis! i don't think it's the number one or the best meat for the filipinos. or probably i can't just say in behalf of our nation, haha, but i guess it's one of the most favorite meats. I, for instance, love calderetang kambing. too bad it isn't much available like beef or pork. :)

Madel said...

I don't like goat meat at all..anyway, kumusta visaya diay ka..hehehe ako visya taga bohol..

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