Sunday, May 18, 2008


Welcome to USA! That was the first word I ever heard from my husband when I arrived in Atlanta airport Last April 11 2008, even I did not really heard the words but I can see it in his mouth with all his smile. I can see how exited he is with the flowers in his hand, and camera on the other hand. You can see me on the first picture, I know its hard to recognize me there, but I am sure am there am bringing black jacket in my arm. When he saw me am coming up he press the button of the camera right away for video without knowing that was not a video its just a picture. It is because of his excitement he doesn’t know what he was doing anymore. I was so exited to see the video because he told me already before I came here that he will take a video for me at the airport, but I only see a picture, I can hardly recognize my self in that picture. He just says sorry and smile at me. Anyway I understand why.

These are the first flowers I ever received from this country as a welcome present to me. I thanked God for all His goodness. He sent me to the man, which I can say perfect, he has all the qualities that I am looking for.


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